Frequently Asked Questions

Who can host a traveling exhibition?Any education- or community-based organization in the continental United States can host a traveling exhibition. Many are hosted by schools, libraries, museums, historical societies, and other community centers. What is the fee to host a traveling exhibition?The fee to host a traveling exhibition covers shipping and administrative costs and a refundable security deposit.The fee for large exhibitions is $1,350 plus a refundable $250 deposit. The fee for small exhibitions is $450 plus a refundable $100 deposit.Fees are due no later than one month prior to the first day of the loan period—exhibitions will not be shipped to your site until the fee has been paid.Is my Affiliate School or Public Library Affiliate eligible for discounts on traveling exhibitions?Yes! Affiliate Schools and Library Affiliates receive their first small exhibition at no cost. Small exhibitions include: 

After hosting the first free small exhibition, Affiliate Schools and Library Affiliates are required to pay the standard loan fee and deposit to host subsequent exhibitions.How big is a traveling exhibition?Traveling exhibitions are approximately 80" tall. Small exhibitions require 10–12 running feet of display space. Large exhibitions require 60–70 running feet of display space.Which exhibitions are large?

  • Freedom: A History of US
  • The Many Faces of George Washington
  • Alexander Hamilton:The Man Who Made Modern America
  • Abraham Lincoln: A Man of His Time, A Man for All Times
  • Freedom Riders

Which exhibitions are small?

  • Frederick Douglass From Slavery to Freedom
  • Emancipation and Its Legacies
  • Looking at Lincoln: Political Cartoons from the Civil War Era
  • Civil War 150
  • The Progressive Era: Creating Modern America, 1900-1917

Traveling exhibitions are freestanding and can be displayed in a horseshoepillar, or “running W” configuration.What is required for on-site traveling exhibition assembly?Traveling exhibition set-up does not require any tools and can be done by two people. Detailed assembly instructions will be included in your Site Support Notebook.How long is the traveling exhibition loan period?The traveling exhibition loan period is four weeks.How will my traveling exhibition be shipped to and from my site?All exhibitions are sent via FedEx Ground. Exhibitions are shipped in high-impact, wheeled, plastic case(s). Dimensions per case are 33 inches x 44 inches x 10 inches. Weight per loaded case is 70 lbs.Tracking numbers and pickup confirmation numbers for both shipments will be provided by the Gilder Lehrman Institute. All shipping costs will be billed to the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.When are traveling exhibitions delivered and picked up?Traveling exhibitions are delivered 1–2 business days before the exhibition start date and picked up 1–2 business days after the exhibition end date. Because there is a limited time available to get the exhibition from one site to another, sites should have the exhibition dismantled and ready for pick-up the first business day after the exhibition closes.Whom should I contact with further questions?For more information, email or call 646-366-9666 ext. 41.